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Navigating Commissions with Kathy Traeger



Have you been asked for a commission but turned the opportunity down because you weren’t sure about the process?

Wondering how to start offering commissioned artwork for sale?

Maybe you’ve done a few commissions, but would like to know how to streamline the process and offer a more professional level of service?

This session is ideal for artists interested in taking on commissions.

Kathy Traeger spent 32 years in the design industry and was a freelance graphic designer for the last 16 years of them before transitioning to full time painter.

Freelance work and commissioned art share many common factors when making the pitch or dealing directly with clients. Presenting clean, professional, organized sketches showcasing the progress of piece is key to keeping control of the project while at the same time keeping the client informed and feeling like they are part of the process.

Kathy will walk you through her process for handling commissions successfully.

She will share with you her tips and tricks on making the commission go smoothly and professionally. These tips will help the artist develop good habits at the beginning of their careers that will carry them forward for years to come.

We will cover everything from the initial basic contract or client contact to presenting professional concept sketches for the first and second stage of the approval process and then finish up with the final piece shown in a certificate of authenticity.

Registration Details

Register online via by selecting “Register now” at the bottom of the page.

Or by phone at 604-681-2744.

Or in person at the Federation Gallery, 1241 Cartwright Street, 7 days a week 10am-5pm.



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