Artist credit: Carsten Daub

With Winsor & Newton Fineliners by your side, you can start every project with confidence. From the sleek, minimalist design to the premium performance on the page, this range has been designed with your creative needs in mind. A longer barrel sits comfortably in the hand and allows for flexible grip adjustment, while consistent and reliable ink flow in all six nib sizes means you can add incredible detail and depth to your work. And with water-resistant, non-fading pigment ink, you can use the fineliners effortlessly with wet techniques to produce eye-catching results.

Smoothly tapered nib and minimalist design

Water-resistant and non-fading pigment ink

Consistent and reliable ink flow in all sizes

Longer barrel for improved comfort and grip adjustment

• Four colours available: Black, Indigo, Cool Grey, Sepia

Artist credit: Andrew Banks | @abillustrator

This step by step project sheet will guide you through how to create architectural drawings with Fineliner pens.

Discover how the versatile Winsor & Newton Fineliner range can help you bring your next creative vision to life.

Promarker offers translucent, alcohol-based inks that let you add subtle nuance or build dramatic layering to your work. While streak-free coverage means you can achieve flawless, print-like results. Promarker is twin-tipped: a broad chisel and fine bullet nib, that allow you the freedom to flip easily between shading larger areas and precision detailing.

• Available in 160 colours

• Alcohol-based translucent inks

• Twin-tipped pen: broad chisel and fine bullet nib

• Streak-free coverage

• Perfect for blending and layering