Why Choose Golden?

January 1, 2010

Once, when I was working in the Victoria store, a shopper asked me which brand of acrylic paint she should buy. As a beginner, she was a bit leery about buying the higher priced brands, and really wanted to know if there was a good reason. As part of my explanation, I demonstrated the difference in colour and working feel by smearing, side-by-side, on a piece of paper, a dab of Phthalo Blue from a less expensive brand, and a dab of Golden Heavy Body, and really had no need to do any more explaining. She ran to the Golden rack and started grabbing.

To sum up in words the top reasons to buy Golden Heavy Body Acrylics:

Intensity: vivid brights, rich darks, vibrant pastels. I love the very high pigment load, and there is usually only one pigment in each hue. I also love that the colours I mix retain their intensity.

Texture: buttery, sensual, thick. What I really love is how responsive this paint is to brush and knife strokes, how it holds texture without being unpleasantly sticky.

Value: you get what you pay for, and with Golden Heavy Body paints that means more pigment. I find that the paint goes farther with better covering power and better tinting strength. You can extend them with an amazing amount of medium and still have those rich, intense colours.

Excitement: great paint does not exactly equal great art, but it sure as heck doesn’t hurt!