Who is your favourite artist?

November 1, 2009

I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, and as I was sipping my foam from my Americano Misto, he blurted out, so who would you consider to be your favourite artist?

I responded “of all time or within the last few years?”

He said again “who wold you consider to be your favourite artist?”

I waited a few seconds as I was wondering if I’d even be able to answer this question. Do I treat it like if someone asks you who you voted for? or how old you are? or is it just a ‘I’m trying to make conversation and genuinely interested in knowing’ kind of question? So, I thought I’d answer with what I could since he’s a good friend after all.

My answer today would have to be Uta Barth. I LOVE her photographs. She uses photography to experiment with depth of field and focus. Her subject matter varies from images of interiors, a couch, buildings, long stretches of road or the environment. Her images are sometimes cropped and apparently empty of any foreground subject. Her interiors ache to be noticed, to describe themselves to the viewer, perhaps they require a narrative. An image of an empty room speaks volumes about space and distance with minimal amounts of information.

I have used her images as a starting point for what I love to photograph. Interiors of buildings, an open window in a barren room, the corner of a wall, a paint chip on the ceiling. I get excited about photographing these things.

When I asked him who his favourite artist was, he replied, “I don’t really have one!” I just laughed.

Who is your number one favourite artist? Give yourself one minute to answer this. It’s the first response that comes to you.