VOAF is Canada’s first and only festival for Outsider Art, which is represented by significant fairs and museums globally. The artists may be self-taught or trained: they are all devoted to their creative practices, and come from a point of view that is outside the mainstream art world trends.

The festival aims to increase awareness about Outsider Artists and to challenge stereotypes about who and what counts in the art world. Outsider Art is different, this art shakes up what you think you know about art and sometimes delves headfirst into challenging social and political issues. The festival provides a much-needed platform for visual and performing artists to gather, learn, and share their creative scope with the wider community.


VOAF’s primary values are inclusion and active participation towards strengthening a sense of community and creative citizenship among participants and the public.

100% of sales go to artists, and performers are paid fees: this is a significant professional opportunity for outsider artists.

Eligible artists self-identified as outsiders and have strong creative practices, with wildly diverse aesthetics.