World Class Island Art

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2021, the Sooke Fine Arts Show provides the
opportunity for the finest artists from Vancouver Island and BC’s coastal islands to showcase and sell their work. This years event will take place online.

The Sooke Fine Arts Society is a not-for-profit organization created to encourage and promote a greater understanding and appreciation for the arts by organizing an annual art show, as well as hosting public learning opportunities to demonstrate artistic technique and expertise. The annual art show, held at the end of July and early August of each year, is Vancouver Island’s premier adjudicated art show. It brings artists, volunteers, visitors, and art patrons together in an 11-day celebration of the arts.


The Sooke Fine Arts Show stems from humble beginnings when the Sooke Region Museum featured work from local artists in their upper gallery. In 1986, spurred by the buzz of the year’s Expo, a committee of five artists conceived the idea of a show to bring attention to art and artists of the region. The inaugural SOOKE FINE ARTS SHOW was born.

The show was a spectacular success, and under the admirable coordination of Elida Peers, the sponsorship of the Sooke Region Museum, the Sooke Region Historical Society, and teams of hard-working volunteers, it flourished and grew each year. In 2006, coordination of the show moved from the hands of the Sooke Region Museum and into the newly-formed Sooke Fine Arts Society.

That first show displayed 200 pieces from 49 artists in SEAPARC’s ice arena and eventually grew to fill the entire 16,000 square foot space, transforming it into the world-class exhibition that you see today. Today, the show features on average 375 pieces from approximately 260 artists from all over Vancouver Island and BC’s coastal islands, with prizes totaling over $12,000. It is now so much more than a gallery, housing a stage with live music and youth performances, artist demonstrations, a large gift shop, and a separate youth art gallery, expanding the exhibition beyond the main arena.

The Sooke Fine Arts Society is grateful for the efforts of all the previous organizers, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and friends that have made the show the success that it is today.


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