Supporting Inner-city Arts

May 1, 2009

On Saturday, March 28th Opus hosted our 3rd Annual Staff Bake Sale, which was held in conjunction with our annual warehouse Garage Sale. All proceeds collected from the sale of goodies were donated to the Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre’s after school art programs which offer sessions such as Art Attack and Cartooning.

There was a wide variety of delectable treats ranging from cookies and bars, to loaves and cupcakes, all baked with love by Opus staff members. In total, we raised $308 – and Opus has matched that amount with a gift card for art supplies.

Thank you to everyone who indulged in our delicious baked goods and donated to this great project. Your support is greatly appreciated. Congratulations to everyone involved!

A little bit more about Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre’s after school art programs

Ray-Cam Community Centre would like to thank Opus Framing & Art Supplies for their generous support of the youth Art Attack program. Ray-Cam, located at 920 E. Hastings Street in Vancouver, is an inner-city community centre that offers diverse programs for all ages. The Art Attack program was created a few years ago to provide committed youth the opportunity to explore the visual arts. Once a week an enthusiastic and talented group of 6-12 year olds meet at Ray-Cam to experiment with a variety of art media and techniques.
3rd Annual Staff Bake Sale

This has been a particularly exciting year for the Art Attack program as the kids have expressed a keen interest in long-term projects and exposure to contemporary art forms. In the past few months, the youth have participated in and organized their own Artist Trading Card extravaganzas, have learned colour mixing and made large (and some miniature) canvas paintings, and have begun a unit in printing techniques by making lino prints. We have also started to venture outside of the community centre in search of art and learning, with several trips to see exhibits at the Vancouver Art Gallery. These gallery visits expose the children to the diverse ways in which contemporary artists are working — often incorporating the same basic skills, techniques, and media the kids are currently experimenting with.

The coming months will see the Art Attack kids participating in more exciting projects and trips. Our schedule includes screen-printing workshops at Blim, a unit in casting techniques, a walking tour of Yaletown public art, and field trips to Downtown and Gastown Artist Run Centres. In June, the youth hope to showcase their work from the year to the rest of the community centre by organizing their own art exhibit.

Needless to say we are super excited for the next few months! The support of Opus Framing and Art Supplies will help make these Art Attack activities possible – and for this the staff and youth would like to extend our genuine gratitude.

To learn more about the Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre, visit