“To be an artist is to believe in life.” 

- Henry Moore 


Watercolour Trees in Five Easy Steps

Materials Tombow Dual Brush Pens Tombow MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil Tombow MONO Drawing Pens Tombow MONO Eraser Tombow Water Brush – Small Watercolor or mixed media paper   Step 1: Inspiration First, before you ever pick up a pencil, narrow... Read More

Beyond Boundaries with Glenys Takala

Glenys Takala has been a member of the FCA for over twenty years. Currently residing in the Kootenays, she is the recipient of numerous awards, including third place in the 2020 ‘On The Edge’ competition. She draws inspiration from nature,... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Dual Brush Pens!

Review by  Ali LePere Tombow Dual Brush Pens! They are my favorite! I believe that artists, no matter their skill level, will flourish if they have products that give them possibilities. I know that has been my experience with these... Read More

Beyond Boundaries with Frankie Watt-Elphinstone

Vancouver-based printmaking, painting and mixed media collage artist Frankie Watt-Elphinstone’s piece, ‘Red Shoes’, was awarded an honourable mention in ‘Painting on The Edge 2020’. Her work has been published by Taschen Books and exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait... Read More

Which to choose? Winsor & Newton Watercolour Paper

Winsor & Newton is committed to sustainability, and the range is responsibly sourced with 80% of our papers certifiably sourced (FSC) and 40% made using renewable energy. Winsor & Newton papers are also vegan, as all materials used during the process are synthetic and not animal-derived.

Winsor & Newton Surfaces: Maximizing Your Art Materials Performance

Winsor & Newton is committed to sustainability, and the range is responsibly sourced with 80% of our papers certifiably sourced (FSC) and 40% made using renewable energy. Winsor & Newton papers are also vegan, as all materials used during the process are synthetic and not animal-derived.

Spring Palette with Amsterdam Acrylics

We’re welcoming the colours of spring by adding some new colours to our palette. We’re inspired by a mixture of soft, bright, and warm hues that complement the blossoming of cherry blossoms and blissful afternoon sun. Finding and incorporating 1... Read More

Think Ink with Pantone’s Colours of The Year

Back in December, when Pantone announced their Colour partnership for the Year 2021, we have to be honest, we really weren’t so sure about the colour combination.  As we roll into spring, the understanding of this year’s choices are now... Read More

Harvesting The Fruits Of Your Creativity : Emerging and Advancing Artists Virtual Gallery Showcase

Since the start of the year we’ve been exploring the creative cycle. Danielle Krysa helped plant the seeds by ‘Re-Imagining and Experimentation’, we then nurtured them to life and honed our skills with Mandy Boursicot through ‘Practice, Practice, Practice’, and... Read More

GOLDEN SoFlat Matte Acrylics – Why?

Article written by Jim Hayes for Just Paint Over the years GOLDEN have seen increasing interest in matte paints, especially those thin enough to create a smooth, brushstroke-free finish. While they have had a few matte paint lines in the past,... Read More

Varnish Acrylic Paintings with Liquitex

The Final Part of the Process, Varnishing!   Using a varnish helps seal and protect your finished artwork from dirt, dust, and abrasions. Before jumping into varnishing your acrylic painting, there are a few things to understand.   What is... Read More

What is Giclée?

Almost all artists looking to print their artwork will encounter the term giclée. So, what does it mean?   Giclée (pronounced zhee-KLAY) is a French word meaning “to spray or to squirt”, referring to the way these high-resolution, typically large-format,... Read More

Harvesting The Fruits of Our Creativity

A How-To Self Marketing Guide with Pennylane Shen Since the start of the year, we’ve been exploring the creative cycle… with some expert guidance! Danielle Krysa helped plant the seeds of inspiration through ‘Re-Imagining and Experimentation’ and then Mandy Boursicot... Read More

Colorex: As Good as Gold

  Named after the precious metal, the colour gold has long been associated with wealth, luxury and confidence. Although the colour may seem pretentious to some, especially when used in excess, gold remains a timeless colour. In the art world,... Read More

A Colour Mixing Delight: Cobalt Turquoise in Watercolour

You won’t get bored working with Cobalt Turquoise!       While it is a beautiful colour coming straight from the tube, Opus Essential Watercolour in Cobalt Turquoise (PB36) can add some real charm or drama to your painting, depending... Read More

Find Your Flow with Liquitex

Understanding Viscosity Options with Liquitex Professional Acrylics Making the correct art materials choices depends upon understanding the characteristics of the materials and how they best suit your artistic process and sensibilities.  In the Liquitex Professional colour range, it’s important to... Read More

New Portrait Assortment of Luminance Colours by Caran d’Ache

  The new Portrait Luminance Assortment palette from Caran d’Ache offers a wide range of lightfast skin tones, with other additional colours well worth noting. A set that goes beyond being a Portrait Assortment for the person who may not... Read More

Practice Makes The Creative Seeds Grow!

We’re examining how to cultivate creativity by delving into the creative cycle. Last month, Danielle Krysa helped get us started through Re-Imagining and Experimentation. Now we’ve planted the seeds, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get them sprouted - through plenty of practice, practice, practice!

The Look of Wood & Strength of Metal: The Quadra Framing System

The Quadra Framing System is a natural and elegant framing system for works of art on canvas.   Once assembled, the Quadra operates as a front-loading frame. It was designed for canvases 1 1/2” deep so that once the canvas... Read More

Are you up for a Challenge? Opus Daily Practice Starts Soon…

It’s almost February, and you know what that means! Opus Daily Practice Season. It’s time to start getting your pencils sharpened, paint brushes ready, surfaces prepped and ready to go. The daily practice challenge runs all month long and there’s... Read More

What We’ve Learned From A Month of Experimentation

This past month, we’ve learned that when we are too self-critical of our work, our fresh ideas get crushed before we even get a chance to explore their possibility. And remember, it’s totally okay if they turn out to be,... Read More

Opus Daily Practice Challenge

  Join us from February 1–28 and be a part of the Opus Daily Practice Challenge! Practice makes progress! Connect with your arts community, keep your creative momentum up with a daily challenge throughout the month of February, and imagine... Read More

The Look of Wood & Strength of Metal: The Granville Frame

The Opus Granville Frame is a metal frame with a wood veneer to give you the best of both worlds; durable strength to protect your art or photography with a stylish appearance.   The Granville Frame is a traditional frame... Read More

Faber Castell is Carbon Neutral!

  From Tree to Pencil Faber-Castell is the pioneer in its field in matters of environment-friendly industrial production and securing a long-term source of timber was foremost in its corporate thoughts as far back as the mid-1980s!   In Brazil,... Read More

The Look of Wood & Strength of Metal: The Cypress Frame

The Opus Cypress Frame is a metal frame created to look like wood, to give you the best of both worlds; durable strength to protect your art or photography with a stylish appearance. The design is sleek, angular and minimal,... Read More

What Your Creative Community Has Been Re-Imagining & Experimenting With

Over the next few months we’re exploring the creative cycle, from inspiration through to final execution. Successfully cultivating artistic endeavours is a process, and throughout January, we’re examining step one: planting those seeds of creativity by Re-Imagining and Experimentation. Danielle... Read More

A Guide to Princeton Brushes & Tools

Princeton Artist Brush Co. is one of the largest brush-makers in North America. Since their start in 1992, artist brushes have been the sole focus of Princeton. Other brush companies make paint, paper, canvas, pastels, and easels. Princeton makes one thing: the best quality, most fairly priced artist brushes available today. In this article we have compiled resources to give you a comprehensive guide to using Princeton Brushes.

Tools of The Trade: Golden Mediums

Golden Artist Colors has created hundreds – if not thousands – of products since their initial startup in 1980. GOLDEN tend to think of their acrylic-based materials as tools. Like most garages, sometimes a few tools go missing. During the... Read More

Re-imagining and Experimentation with Danielle Krysa

Now, more than ever, artists are craving a clean slate and there’s no better time than the start of the year to reimagine and experiment fresh ways to express what’s within. Like staring out onto an open field, the creative... Read More

Williamsburg Chromatic Darks

Part Eight • Opus Unique Colours Series   When oil painters visit the Williamsburg factory, they always show them these colours. The response is unanimously positive, especially from those who use darker tones or blacks in their work. Williamsburg has... Read More