Coastal Landscapes with Tiffany Blaise

Mixed Media




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1h 30min

About This Experience

Step into the world where land meets sea, where vibrant hues and dynamic textures converge to capture the essence of coastal landscapes in all their expressive glory. In this art demo, Tiffany Blaise delves into the realm of mixed media, blending the fluidity of inks with the rich, tactile strokes of oil sticks and the luscious depth of oil paints.

Discover how to harness the play of light on water, the rugged textures of cliffs, and the ever-changing skies that characterize coastal vistas. Through a step-by-step exploration, learn techniques to create depth and movement using layers of colour and texture, emphasizing spontaneity and emotion in your work.

Join Tiffany as she blends mediums, colours, and inspiration to craft landscapes that resonate with the vibrant spirit of the coast.


Opus Essential Oil Colours: paynes grey, titanium white, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, cadmium red, hansa yellow, quinacridone magenta, sap green, iridescent bronze, cobalt blue

cerulean or cyan blue

Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors: green gold, radiant red

Sennelier Oil Sticks: ultramarine, white, yellow ochre

Oil Mediums: Winsor&Newton Liquin and Gamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirit

Opus Fortissimo Oil Brushes: filbert, flat, fan, round - sizes 8-10

Daler Rowney FW Artist's Acrylic Inks: indigo, raw sienna, and red earth

Chunghwa Sumi Ink

FC Art Goat Hair Bamboo Brushes (sizes 8-12) 

Hake brush (2 or 3")

da Vinci Mottler Brushes Series 2475  (size 40, 60)

Opus Exhibition Pre-Stretched Canvas Surface


Opus Virtual Demo Common Q&A - Click HERE


About Your Host

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Tiffany Blaise is an expressionistic landscape painter living and working in East Vancouver. She first fell in love with painting while taking a watercolour class at the age of seven. She then spent many years working as a visual display and interior designer before pivoting on her creative path to find her way back to painting.

Her mixed-media paintings capture the atmospheric and emotive qualities of coastal landscapes across the West Coast and beyond. Blaise earned a BFA in 2012 from Concordia University, where she studied art and design. Since then, the artist’s work has been displayed in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Melbourne, including exhibitions at The Telus World of Science and the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Instagram: @tiffanyblaiseart
Facebook: @tiffanyblaiseart