Collage: Materials and Process with Tony Bounsall




FREE per person


1h 30min

About This Experience

Join Tony Bounsall and learn about collage processes and materials. Discover, “The Big Secret Technique,” a sure-fire method for making the paper stick flat without wrinkles!   

Learn how to create collage modules in the style of  Hannah Hoch, using either freezer paper or palette paper as a non-stick background to create individual collage elements independent of the background.  

Tony will demonstrate grattage collage monotype, following in the footsteps of  Max Ernst, and how to use “grattage” or scraping method with found objects and textures that can be transferred to another sheet of paper or board.


Heavy Body Acrylic: Payne’s Grey

GOLDEN Matte Gel Medium or Liquitex Matte Gel Medium

Princeton Catalyst Wedge 

X-Acto Knife


Palette Knife

Palette Paper or freezer paper

Found flat objects and textures


Opus Virtual Demo Common Q&A - Click HERE


About Your Host

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Tony is a photo arts graduate (BAPA) from Toronto Metropolitan University. For the last 30+ years, he has been working as a commercial photographer and graphic designer and, more recently, as a visual arts instructor for the previous fifteen years.

He teaches Photo-Based Mixed Media, Collage and Mixed Media at The Vancouver Island School Of Art ( VISA) in Victoria and the University of Victoria Continuing Studies.

Tony has also taught workshops in alternative-based photography, collage, mixed media and encaustics at Red Deer College's Series Summer Art Program and MISSA. He teaches both online and in-person classes.

Over the last fifteen years, Tony has worked in many different mediums, including iphoneography, digital artwork, alternative-based photography, mixed media, printmaking, collage and encaustics. His recent collage work incorporates AI elements and uses digital and analogue techniques.

He exhibits and sells fine art prints and mixed media work throughout North America. He and his wife, Julie Graham and their dog, Nella, are long-time residents of Victoria, BC.

Instagram: @tony_bounsall