Block Printing with Caroline Stengl




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1h 30min

About This Experience

Crisp cut lines and edges, the powerful juxtaposition of black and white, velvety inks and the beauty of art papers, the old world wheels and gears of a printing press, the handmade nature of how the image was cut - these are the qualities that make linocut prints so appealing. Learn about the basic tools to get started, including the brayer, the baren, ink, carving tools, linocut plates, and low-tech substitutions for a printing press. 

Get tips and tricks for planning a simple, successful image, transfer it to your block, and carve and print your image with beautiful results. Learn what products to use for non-toxic printmaking techniques and clean-up. Come away with enough knowledge to make a simple single-colour print signed traditionally. You will also learn about the potential for more complex techniques in your printmaking future. 


Speedball Waterbased Block Printing Inks

Yasutomo Asagami - printing paper

Speedball Speedy Cut

Speedball Linocut Cutter Set #2 - 6 blades

X-acto knife #1 with cap 

Speedball Bench Hook/Ink Plate 

Speedball Soft Brayer 4" 

Speedball Baren 4" 

General Pencil Kimberly Pencils 2B and 2H 

Canson Foundation Tracing Pads 


Masking Tape


Palette Knifes

Bulldog Clips - small

Spray bottle for water, bowl, clean cloth, drying rack or line.

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About Your Host

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Caroline Stengl is a painter, printmaker and teacher living in Victoria, BC, Canada. She studied at Alberta College of Art and Design and finished her art education at the University of Victoria. She is a part-time teacher at WSANEC College (formerly Saanich Adult Education Centre) and has worked there for 20 years. Caroline has been teaching in schools, art galleries and community contexts. Besides having an art studio practice, she plays the mandolin and several other instruments, takes long rambles in the woods with her dog, and loves to knit. You can purchase her art on her Etsy store, see her portfolio on her website and enjoy a variety of art-related imagery on her Instagram.

Instagram: @owlcreekstudio
Etsy: @cstengl