Acrylic Painting with Georgia Youngs




FREE per person


1h 30min

About This Experience

Join Georgia Youngs in this educational and inspiring demo as she walks you through the basics and often overlooked steps of creating a successful painting.   Learn how colour theory can round out edges, create interesting shadows or highlights, and support perspective. She will also discuss drawing, composition and how to problem-solve situations, such as over-blending, so you no longer end up with unintended greys, browns, or the same tonal values.


Acrylic Paint: Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red light, Cadmium Red Med., Cadmium Yellow Dark, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Alizarin, Burnt Orange, Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Purple, Florescent Red, Florescent Orange, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White

Opus Legatto Filbert Brushes

Opus Paint & Peel Palette 

Hair Dryer, water container, water spritzer, paper towels

About Your Host

Host image

Georgia has been a professional painter for over 45 years, and the passion and skills that she brings to her art classes have made them very popular! Now residing in Vancouver, BC ( Kerrisdale/Dunbar), she teaches innovative in-person programs to adults and children.

Georgia also shares her passion for art with the community through hosting and participating in various art events throughout the year, notably in 2022; a podcast with Peter Legge, the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival, The Gallery George exhibit, and The North Van Arts Anonymous Art Show.

To reach more art students, Georgia has recently created a new website where folks can watch free classes on developing basic imagery to more advanced pictures. The website also has information on her upcoming events!

Instagram: @georgiayoungsart
Facebook: @georgiayoungsart