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Posting Opus Daily Practice Submissions

So you’ve practiced and taken an image of your artwork – but now what do you do? Share your work with other participants!

There are 3 social media platforms you can choose to post your Opus Daily Practice Challenge pieces to:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook

Posting to any of these platforms allows you to share your daily posts, connecting you with other participants.

Note: If you’d prefer not to use your personal Facebook profile to post your artwork to maintain some anonymity, Instagram allows you to use any username you'd like (ie. you don't have to use your real name).

1. Instagram

You’ll need a mobile device to post to Instagram (either a smartphone or a tablet). Create your account and ensure it is set to Public (while logged into Instagram, select your Profile, select Options, then ensure "Private Account" is set to off). Then post your images daily with the hashtag #opusdailypractice and @opusartsupplies in the comments.

Click here to see what others have posted on Instagram!

2. Facebook

Each day, we'll post a prompt on the Opus Facebook Page; post a photo of your daily practice piece as a comment on that post.

If you’d prefer not to use any social media, we still encourage you to take part in the challenge! The social media aspect of it allows participant the ability to connect with their creative community and share the experience, but it’s also a personal challenge that everyone can take part in.

Enjoy the week and remember to Just Practice!