Packing for Plein Air Success

March 20, 2014

Acrylics or oils, watercolours or drawing materials – no matter what media you choose, we’ve assembled a few checklists of the essentials required for a fun day with the great outdoors as your studio!


  • Watercolour paint box or selection of tubes – Koi Watercolour Sets include 24 juicy colours, lots of mixing space, and a waterbrush, too.
  • Watercolour brush selection – Connoisseur Travel Brushes are high-quality, and collapse to take up less space.
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Paper towels or cloth for wiping brushes on
  • Bottle of water, and an empty bottle for dirty water
  • Cup for washing brushes – Try the Clic ‘n Go Watercup for a collapsable cup.
  • Watercolour paper, pad or block.
  • Tip: Waterbrushes, like the one in the Koi Watercolour Set, are self-rinsing with a little squeeze.


  • Acrylic brush selection – Try Opus Bravura Brushes, their short handles store easily.
  • Acrylic paints – Golden OPEN Acrylics, dry slower, extending your working time on warm, sunny days.
  • Bottle of water, and an empty bottle for dirty water
  • Cup for washing brushes
  • Paper towels or cloth for wiping brushes on
  • Disposable paper palette
  • Paper, boards, or canvas
  • Tip: The Mastersons’ Sta-Wet Palette lets you prepare your palette at home, work with it in the field, and transport your paints home cleanly.


  • Oil brush selection
  • Oil paints – For a quality paint at a great value, try Opus Essential Oil Colours!
  • Mediums – Use a medium like Gamblin Galkyd Lite during your painting process to speed up the drying time of your painting and extend your pigments.
  • Paper towels or cloth for wiping brushes on
  • Palette
  • Canvas panels, art boards, canvas, or oil paper
  • Container for used mediums to dispose of properly back at home
  • Tip: Using a disposable paper palette, such as the NEW Wave Grey Palette Pad makes clean up a breeze.

Drawing & Pastels:

  • Pencils, graphite, charcoal, conte, or pastels (oil or chalk)
  • Paper or canvas primed with pastel ground – Golden Acrylic Pastel Ground creates a lightly textured surface that holds more colour for greater saturation.
  • Fixative – SpectraFix Pastel Fixative Spray works with a huge range of media.
  • Stumps or chamois for blending
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Tip: Use up your broken charcoal sticks of half pastels to fit more colours in a smaller kit!

Artists of all Sorts:

  • A box of wipes, paper towel and/or a rag to clean your fingers
  • Picnic and drinking water
  • Garbage bag to “pack out” what is “packed in”
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, layered clothing
  • Blanket or folding seat to sit on
  • Umbrella – a welcome companion, rain or shine!

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