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Opus Daily Practice 2017

The Opus Daily Practice Challenge returns February 1–28, 2017!

January resolutions can be tough – the holiday season, a new year, plus 31 days. It's too much! But don't worry, February follows with enough time passed that you are renewed and ready to take action, and with an easy 28 days to make art a part of your daily life.

Challenge yourself to create daily for 28 days with Opus Daily Practice, making your art practice a priority wherever your days may take you – the studio, kitchen table or living room, in the park or at a coffee shop, or on-the-go.

Sketch, draw, paint, collage, print, sculpt... you name it! Post your progress online with #opusdailypractice to connect with your fellow artists!

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#OpusDailyPractice Guidelines

Your goal is to get creative and have fun, so the guidelines are simple:

1. Practice your art every day. Paint, draw, colour, photograph, carve, fold, create! Your mission is to just practice so, whether you can set aside minutes or hours, be sure to engage your creativity daily.

2. Share your progress. Connect with your creative community via social media posts tagged with #opusdailypractice on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will connect you with others participating in the challenge, providing support and inspiration!

  • Instagram: Tag your posts with #opusdailypractice and @opusartsupplies. Please note that we may not be able to see your posts if your Instagram account is not set to public.
  • Twitter: Tag your posts with #opusdailypractice.
  • Facebook: Post your daily images to the Opus Facebook Page as a comment to our daily posted prompts.

Not sure how to post on Social Media? We've created a quick guide to how to post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Have a look at our Posting Your Opus Daily Practice Entries on Social Media Guide. If you need further assistance, please email us at info@opusartsupplies.com – we’re happy to help!

Inspiration is at Your Fingertips

Feeling stuck? Get a jump start on each day’s creativity with simple daily prompts from Opus.

Inspiration Cues from Us - To You! Sign up for daily creativity prompts from Opus throughout the #opusdailypractice challenge. We'll give you something to draw home about! [Email me prompts]

Sign up to receive daily prompts by email, search #opusdailypractice on Instagram and Twitter, and visit the Opus Art Supplies Facebook page to take a peek at what others are working on – there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in your creative community.

Get inspired for a successful 28 Reasons and Ways to Create Daily poster preview #OpusDailyPractice with our
28 Reasons & Ways to Create Daily poster.

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Tips on Creating a Personal Daily Practice

You’re excited to get your daily practice started – but how do you do it? Here are several ideas for your daily practice... the possibilities are endless!

Get started by reading our article, Just Practice. It’s filled with practical tips on deciding on your focus, setting your goal and scheduling it in, practicing with purpose, having a plan to push through setbacks, allowing your goal to evolve as you do, and more!

Don’t start with a blank slate. An empty page can be deliciously filled with possibilities. It can also be incredibly daunting. Try filling 28 pages of your sketchbook with swatches of watercolour, or make a random scribble on each page. You’ll have a ready–made beginning for each day’s practice!

Work within a creative constraint. To stay loose in your daily practice and keep the time commitment manageable, you can set yourself time or space constraints. For instance, keep your drawing time to under 2 minutes, or only paint on small surfaces.

Draw a drawing of your drawing. On day 1, select your subject — try a still life, a portrait, a landscape, or [insert your idea here] — and create a drawing based on it. The next day, draw your drawing from day 1; on day 3, draw day 2’s drawing; and so on. The results by day 28 will be very interesting!

And even more! Practice with a friend • hand–letter quotes • recreate movie stills • emulate a famous artist • draw household items • choose a single colour to work with • colour in a colouring book • draw your favourite characters • try something different every day!

You can also check out the 28-Day challenges from February 2015 and 2016 to see how your fellow artists have challenged themselves.

Get Inspired with Daily Practice Videos

Check out our Just Practice video series with artists sharing their observations about creating daily.

Discover what inspires Jayleen Weaver AKA Guru Kitty, Sophie Graine & Paul Smith, Brianne Tweddle, Kristofer Parley, Kyrra Kosar, and Michael Markowsky, and find common ground with these artists to help you start and continue your own daily practice.

Just Practice with Jayleen Weaver AKA Guru Kitty

Just Practice with Sophie Graine & Paul Smith

Just Practice with Brianne Tweddle

Just Practice with Kristofer Parley

Just Practice with Kyrra Kosar

Drawn Out: 365 Days of Drawing with Michael Markowsky

We hope you’re as excited to get started as we are! Sign up for daily email prompts and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be part of this creative challenge.