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Opus Daily Practice Challenge 2016

Wow! What a huge success!!! This year, the Opus Daily Practice Challenge saw so many participants producing artwork and practicing their art daily throughout the month of February. We were thrilled to witness such support among the artists - the sharing, encouragement and camaraderie that developed was truly heartwarming.

To each and every artist who bravely shared their practice pieces and the challenges they encountered throughout the month, we are so grateful for your commitment and stick-with-it-ness. We hope that you have enjoyed the process as much as we have enjoyed seeing the results.

To celebrate the bonus day February gives us in Leap Year, we're offering a bonus of our own: every Opus Daily Practice Challenge participant was entered into a draw for one of twenty eight $28 Opus Gift Cards. We pulled the names, checked that all of them had participated in the challenge for at least 21 of 28 days, and we're happy to announce the winners!

Wendy Grant – Twitter
Tiana Kaczor – Facebook
Donna Fraser – Facebook
Susannah Paranich – Facebook
Nadine Harper – Facebook
Karen Joy Picketts – Facebook
Debra St Amand – Facebook
Cheryl Barrett – Facebook
Sandra Heath – Facebook
Isolde Verbrugge – Facebook
Diane Duchesne – Facebook
Zoe Clemens – Facebook
Rachael Howatson – Instagram
Mackie Loen – Instagram
Jen (aka Randomly Generated) – Instagram
Kathy Cameron – Instagram
Jenny Lewis – Instagram
Ashley Rose Goentoro – Instagram
Yasaman Mohandesi – Instagram
Victoria Radbourne – Instagram
noany1515 – Instagram
Megan Victoria Roberts – Instagram
Carole Anne Hadikin – Instagram
covertmothership – Instagram
Kristen Maduik – Instagram
Carly Tre – Instagram
Christine – Instagram
Vikki Michele Freckelton – Twitter

We will contact you each directly through the social media channel that you have been participating at to arrange your gift card.

We're already taking registration for #OpusDailyPractice 2017, so if you would like to receive reminders about next year's event, the occasional prompt from us throughout 2016, and then daily email prompts during next year's challenge, please sign up today!

All Prompts from February 2016

Day 1: Egg Day 2: Groundhog Day 3: Pattern Day 4: Ampersand
Day 5: Weather Day 6: Mythical Day 7: Beard Day 8: Monochromatic
Day 9: Abstract Day 10: Crest Day 11: Happy Day 12: Cityscape
Day 13: Fizz Day 14: Heart Day 15: Ring Day 16: Quote
Day 17: Burst Day 18: Reflection Day 19: Nature Day 20: Space
Day 21: Film Day 22: Banana Day 23: Fire Day 24: Coast
Day 25: Wrinkled Day 26: Futuristic Day 27: Wing Day 28: Time
Bonus Day: Leap!