“A lot of artists, if not most artists (particularly ones that are born any time before the 90s), in some way struggle with self-promotion. One thing that I always recommend is to ‘fake it till you make it’.”

– Pennylane Shen

In the past couple of months that we’ve spent exploring the creative cycle, we’ve planted creative seeds, nurtured them to life and put in time practicing to hone our skills. Hopefully, you’ve ended up with some finished pieces you are proud of! But now comes the question: what do we do with the art we’ve created? How do we preserve it, display it and ultimately share it with the world?

To help guide you through the last phase of the creative cycle, harvesting the fruits of your creativity, we’ll be working with art consultant and curator Pennylane Shen to share tips and resources for finding and shaping your artistic voice, getting comfortable with self-promotion and creating a cohesive collection of work.

As part of this exploration, we’ve created a new virtual gallery for you to promote your art selling platforms! If you have experience in selling your art, we hope you can use the gallery to share your artwork and selling platforms that you’ve worked hard to put together. If this is brand new to you, we hope you’ll find the inspiration and guidance to find your voice and put your art out into the world!


Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can join in on the fun and have a chance to win exciting prizes!


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Art Showcase Gallery

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When you share your artworks for sale and selling platform using the #OpusArtShowcase hashtag, your artwork will be displayed in our online gallery! Plus, if your story is selected for an Opus article, you’ll receive a $50 Opus Gift Card!

If you don’t use Instagram you can still participate by filling out this form or you can submit your entry via email to ideas@opusartsupplies.com*

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