Give your digital prints an unprecedented high-gloss finish and a stunning effect sure to wow with facemounted prints from the Opus Digital Printing Service.

Developed as “Diasec” in Europe in 1969, Facemounting involves adhering an image to a clear substrate such as Plexiglas™. Through the years, the process has been refined, and has recently seen a surge in popularity with photographers and galleries.

Facemounting creates a permanent bond directly between the image and the back of the Plexi. With the image mounted behind the 3mm or 6mm Plexi, light refracts in such a way that makes the colour pop and provides an almost 3D effect, with the image appearing sharper than ever before. With gallery lighting it may almost appear as if the piece is back-lit. This cannot be achieved with direct printing or glass in traditional frames.

Edge detail of a facemounted digital print. Photograph by Lisa Tran.

A mainstay in Europe, this style of presentation is new to the North American art market, offering artists and art patrons a new look for digital prints. The glossy finish and visual depth of Facemounting looks especially striking with night photography, high contrast shots, and fashion imagery. Images that capture reflection are enhanced, giving the effect of looking out into the world as if through a window.

This innovative treatment offers a unique presentation for your portraiture, a great option for professional photographers to present to their clients and for individuals to present their family photos and art photography. For businesses, it provides a sleek way to present award certificates and decorate your space.

Facemounted prints are backed with aluminum composite panel for a strong, structurally stable piece. You may choose to add an Opus Float Mount System with a C-Bar Hanging System, available in ⅝″ and 1¼″ deep profiles, which lifts the print from the wall or hanging surface for a floating appearance. Alternatively, you may choose to encase it in a floating frame with a thin profile for added protection and a clean, modern presentation.

  Sublimation Prints vs. Facemount

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