This season, let’s come together and champion all of our creative endeavours.

As summer turns to fall in all the upheaval and change of 2020, the world is settling into a ‘new normal’. During these evolving times the pursuit of creative endeavours, professional and recreational, can enrich our lives. When we produce something fresh and unique through any form of art, it offers a sense of self-worth and purpose. Now more than ever we should reflect on our next creative moves.

Are you preparing for an art show? Setting up an online store to sell art prints? Teaching art classes?

Designing a mural? Setting up a new studio space? What steps are you taking to share your art practice with your community or take your projects to the next level?

Tell us about the creative endeavours you’re launching this fall!

The giveaway is only open to Canadian residents. Submission will be accepted until October 28th, 2020


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