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Opus Daily Practice: Past Prompts

Below we have compiled all of the prompts for the #OpusDailyPractice Challenge.
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June 2017February 2017October 2016June 2016February 2016February 2015

28-Day Challenge: February 2018

Day 1: Flow Day 2: Process Day 3: Shift
Day 4: Freeze Day 5: Zip Day 6: Bubble
Day 7: Element Day 8: Light Day 9: Strength
Day 10: Nest Day 11: Loose Day 12: Roots
Day 13: Fruit Day 14: Magic Day 15: Tea Time
Day 16: Freedom Day 17: Farm Day 18: Dog
Day 19: Share Day 20: Orbit Day 21: Wanderlust
Day 22: Vintage Day 23: Mystery Day 24: Bounce
Day 25: Donut Day 26: Clear Day 27: Magnify
Day 28: Onward

7- Day Challenge: June 2017

Day 1: Play Day 2: Sweet Day 3: Adventure
Day 4: Pops Day 5: Vibrant Day 6: Splash
Day 7: Growth

28-Day Challenge: February 2017

Day 1: Structure Day 2: Polkadot Day 3: Luminous
Day 4: Melting Day 5: Field Day 6: Repetition
Day 7: Urban Day 8: Message Day 9: Muted
Day 10: Folk Day 11: Contraption Day 12: Forest
Day 13: Childhood Day 14: Romance Day 15: Sound
Day 16: Fame Day 17: Activism Day 18: Atmospheric
Day 19: Imaginary Day 20: Self Portrait Day 21: Blue
Day 22: Embellish Day 23: Line Day 24: Snapshot
Day 25: Illusion Day 26: Starry Day 27: Movement
Day 28: Everyday

7-Day Challenge: October 2016

Day 1: Fall Day 2: Culture Day 3: Collection
Day 4: Fuzzy Day 5: Dream Day 6: Hidden
Day 7: Mix Day 8: Twist

7-Day Challenge: June 2016

Day 1: Focus Day 2: Spice Day 3: Nostalgia
Day 4: Translate Day 5: Cycle Day 6: Lyrical
Day 7: Dad Day 8: Buds

28-Day Challenge: February 2016

Day 1: Egg Day 2: Groundhog Day 3: Pattern
Day 4: Ampersand Day 5: Weather Day 6: Mythical
Day 7: Beard Day 8: Monochromatic Day 9: Abstract
Day 10: Crest Day 11: Happy Day 12: Cityscape
Day 13: Fizz Day 14: Heart Day 15: Ring
Day 16: Quote Day 17: Burst Day 18: Reflection
Day 19: Nature Day 20: Space Day 21: Film
Day 22: Banana Day 23: Fire Day 24: Coast
Day 25: Wrinkled Day 26: Futuristic Day 27: Wing
Day 28: Time Day 29: Leap

28-Day Challenge: February 2015

Basic Prompts:

Left to Right: Jayleen Weaver, Crissy Arseneau, Travis Rempel
Day 1: Umbrella
Day 2: Crows or other Birds
Day 3: Face
Day 4: Cat
Day 5: Unicorn
Day 6: Group of people
Day 7: Creatures
Day 8: Robots
Day 9: Spaceships – retro, futuristic, real
Day 10: Moth, Butterfly or Insect
Day 11: Elephant
Day 12: Spoon
Day 13: Scissors
Day 14: Your favourite type of Weather
Day 15: A found object
Day 16: Feather
Day 17: Cross section of a piece of Fruit
Day 18: Something yellow
Day 19: Flower blossom
Day 20: Pomegranate
Day 21: Walrus
Day 22: Egg
Day 23: Clouds
Day 24: Your favourite building
Day 25: Globe
Day 26: Pickle
Day 27: Iceberg
Day 28: A pattern


Left to Right: Kyrra Kosar, Erika Lax, Trevor Code
Day 1: Illustrate a sound
Day 2: Draw the most recent or interesting dream you’ve had
Day 3: The art materials you’re using now
Day 4: Illustrate your hands
Day 5: Draw a tree without looking at your page
Day 6: Choose a theorem or concept and depict it in a beautiful or meaningful way
Day 7: Draw a picture of your friend, family member or idol with your non-dominant hand
Day 8: Use a blob to your advantage: spill, pour or stamp something random onto your page, and then turn it into a creature or beastie
Day 9: Draw your favourite childhood toy from memory. Then reference a photo so you have a side–by–side comparison
Day 10: Draw your favourite letter or number with your non–dominant hand, then illustrate it with our dominant hand. If you’re ambidextrous, try something wacky like holding the pen in your mouth or with your foot!
Day 11: Pick a famous painting and draw it in one continuous line
Day 12: Wherever you are when you begin your practice, look around and depict what will happen next, realistic or fantastical
Day 13: Illustrate or depict your favourite quote, typographically or literally
Day 14: Your favourite facial feature or complete self–portrait
Day 15: Create new album cover artwork for your favourite music
Day 16: Pick a book off your shelf and illustrate a sentence from the 3rd sentence on page 20
Day 17: Draw a bird that is native to your hometown
Day 18: Depict a classic iconic Hollywood scene or image
Day 19: Draw yourself drawing
Day 20: An heirloom
Day 21: Depict your ideal retreat (real or fantasy)
Day 22: The view from the perspective of something extremely small (or large)
Day 23: Your pet
Day 24: Illustrate your feet
Day 25: Your favourite article of clothing or footwear
Day 26: A mythical creature (from a fairy tale, a myth, or invent a new one)
Day 27: Snack or meal you had today (or wish you did)
Day 28: Your form of transportation (car, bike, foot, hot air balloon?)