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The Opus Visual Arts Newsletter & Opus Emails

For 40 years we have worked hard to develop our business in a manner which provides adjunct resources and support to our customers and the art community. One of the primary ways we do this is through The Opus Visual Arts Newsletter and printed promotions, available by mail, and our Opus Emails.

Unsure which to choose? To maximize the benefit of OpusPLUS, we recommend receiving both our emails and mail, as you will be privy to exclusive content with either method. Read more about the mail and email publications below.

The Opus Visual Arts Newsletter is published 4-6 times each year and contains articles and stories about materials, techniques, artist interviews, art events and activities happening in your neighbourhoods. It also showcases a wide range of Art News tidbits including exhibition notices, calls for entry, studio tours, local workshops and special events. A great resource if you are planning a day of artistic activities, or looking for places to show and share your own art work.

It also presents our line-up of in-store demos and workshops - our very popular Visiting Artist series which features local artists sharing their techniques and ideas.

In addition to community information, our newsletter contains all the current specials we have on as part of our OpusPLUS Member Sales, to help you save money on your next purchase.

We also mail printed promotions such as flyers and postcards, approximately 8 each year. These printed pieces contain information about what's on sale as well as often offering a quick look at what's happening in our stores - community events like the Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge, the Opus Kids' Art Exhibition, and the Opus Big Picture photography competition.

For updates about what's happening at Opus and in your creative community, as well as sale reminders and special offers, our Opus Emails are your source! Sent more frequently than our printed pieces, these emails keep you up-to-date on new Visiting Artist Demonstrations and Opus Special Events, new Opus Videos, What's on Sale, and more.

Find out what’s happening in your next newsletter or flyer, and our emails, too! Sign up online today at opusartsupplies.com/subscribe. Alternatively, you may sign up when you visit one of our stores to complete an OpusPLUS Sign Up & Change Request form.

If you currently receive our newsletter / flyers and would like to unsubscribe, just let our staff know on your next visit to one of our locations or by sending us an email at info@opusartsupplies.com

Not receiving your newsletter or flyers? The most common reasons are the address we have on file for you is incorrect or because no purchases have been made under your OpusPLUS profile in the last 12 months. To reactivate your mailings, please ask us to check your OpusPLUS profile when you next visit us in store, or contact us at info@opusartsupplies.com.