North Park Art Studio

10-903 North Park Street, Victoria BC
Victoria, BC, V5T 1C4

Upcoming Events at our North Park Art Studio location

Date Event
Floral Collage Painting Workshop May 01, 2021 Floral Collage Painting Workshop
Create a floral work with delightful nuance and texture, no matter if you’ve painted before or not. A colourful bouquet...
Acrylic Landscapes Workshop September 15, 2021 Acrylic Landscapes Workshop
Create an acrylic landscape painting from start to finish choosing from a range of reference photos for inspiration. Canvas, brushes,...
Drawing, watercolour and gouache class October 06, 2021 Drawing, watercolour and gouache class
Learn and experiment with gouache and watercolour paints. The immediacy of watercolour and its unique qualities and transparencies make it...
Acrylic Still Life Art Workshop November 09, 2021 Acrylic Still Life Art Workshop
Whether you are just starting out with acrylic paint, or have been working with it for a while, focusing on...