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Tana Lynn

The Painted loft
Wax werks
Emily Carr oil painting

A Canadian artist living in Vancouver B.C . My training & schooling comes from Makeup Artistry for the film industry in which I have been painting famous faces for 17 years. I first picked up a paint brush while going through a difficult time in my life and needed a way to work through my emotions,.

My first painting was a Buddha face that brought me so much joy I felt like the process had healed my soul and I had to keep exploring.
I started working with acrylic paints but discovered encaustic wax and I have been hooked on it ever since ! I descided to take it more seriously & started to enroll in as many courses as possible to expand my knowledge.

Encaustic wax painting is a ancient technique that allows me to reach into that world of unconscious emotion, memories and thoughts. Unlike techniques which use pens or brushes, I found that working with a heated medium limited my manual control as a skilled artist, thereby enabling the work to come straight from my ‘heart’ or my gut feeling without the same level of conscious intervention.

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