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Louise Adams

self employed artist

Louise Adams is originally from Winnipeg. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba. She was employed by the Government of Manitoba (Department of Labour, Civil Service Commission) for nearly 30 years.

As a teenager, she was privileged to study art with George Swinton and Steve Repa from The University of Manitoba Fine Arts Faculty, Saturday morning art program for youths. Those wonderful classes laid the foundation for savouring and appreciating art in all its forms.

As an adult, she took classes with Ted Koral (Rainbow Stage). She studied stained glass from Winnipeg glass artist, Warren Carther through a University of Manitoba Fine Arts course and further with Prairie Stained Glass Studio. Later when Louise turned to watercolour, she took classes with Morden artist, Bruce Boehr. Soft and gentle prairie winter scenes were a favourite subject

Louise has had a lifelong love of art. Since moving to Kelowna 19 years ago, she claims that the art and creativity has exploded out of her. Louise is a firm believer in life long learning. She has taken many courses locally in the Okanagan, reads art and art related materials voraciously, is a keen observer of other artists work, and is a dare devil art risk taker and experimenter. She has shown and sold her work in galleries, shops, wineries, and with clubs throughout the Okanagan Valley and internationally.

She started out doing representational work but the call of abstraction was always there -- drawn to the pure joy of colour, shape, line and texture. Experimentation and exploration drive her work.

Sometimes, there is an idea in mind to begin with but other times it is a matter of just letting the creative process flow and see where it goes. This means that some paintings focus on the visual and emotional delights of colour and other art elements without any particular meaning or representational value intended. Vitality and spontaneity are highly valued. Colour is probably the most dominant element.

The work can be soft and gentle, bold and vibrant, or anything in between - but always evolving and very diverse - new ideas and approaches, materials, surfaces. It is always a goal to engage observers with energy and colour, to have them participate in interpreting what they see and feel. Enjoy!!!

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