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Kathy van Gogh

Studio van Gogh

Kathy van Gogh has been an artist since 2001. Her formal training began in the USA and in Canada. To further hone her skills, she travelled to Italy and France to learn from the authentic Masters of ancient art forms including ornamentation, marbles, wood grains, gilding, plaster work and just about every other branch of what is generally referred to as decorative art. Initially, she opened her design company called FAKE IT, so called because her work includes making walls look 2000 years old or transforming drywall into beautiful jaw-dropping finishes. Kathy has completed hundreds of projects in some of Vancouver’s most prestigious homes. Her work has been featured in many publications including Home Makeover Magazine, Designer Baths, The Sun, The North Shore News, The Province, The Richmond News and many others.

In 2007, Kathy opened the only teaching studio for this art form in all of Western Canada, STUDIO VAN GOGH. Now, as a recognized leader and innovator in the industry, Kathy has travelled all over the world teaching her methods and artistry to others.

The next natural evolution of her business and art acumen lead her to create a line of products called van Gogh Furniture Paintology. These are designed specifically to refinish furniture. Essentially, Kathy has taken all her knowledge from the once exclusive world of decorative painting and made it accessible to everyone with her Fossil Paint line of fun artistic products.

These days, Kathy confines her work to canvasses, though many of them are quite large as a nod to where her training all started. Her work can generally be described as abstract impressionism and she works in acrylic, watercolour, plasters and inks.

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Contact Kathy van Gogh at KathyvanGogh@telus.net

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