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Optical Illusion Museum

The Optical Illusions Museum intends to create artwork pieces that are unique to Canada. The conceptual approach to the work is a unique design inspired by Trick Eye Museum, Alive Museum, Magic Art 3D Museum and Hong Kong 3D Museum in Asia that began in 2010. These 3D art museums have done very well with numerous locations in Asia so will certainly do well in Canada too given the multicultural milieu of people that live here. The art is aimed to attract all nationalities, ages and genders as the art themes will be universal and appeal to everyone. The artistic style utilized is called trompe l’oeil, which is a French term for a visual illusion in art, especially as used to trick the eye into perceiving a painting or design that’s two dimensional as a three dimensional object. The artwork will be created by local artists with a theme focused on local culture and cityscape. Unlike traditional art pieces, viewers can be part of the art piece and change the formation of the painting by their participation. Visitors are the director of their own photos in the 3D universe. The slogan “be a part of the art” will entice visitors to the museum to not only view the art but to photograph themselves with the creative and fun art pieces. While most art gallery museums do not allow you to interact with the exhibits (let alone take a photo of them), here at Optical Illusions Museum we not only allow you to do so but expect it. It would be encouraged for these visitors of the art to share their selfie photographs with the artwork on social media for their network to view as well. The art themes could include the following: Adventure/Sports, Animals, Animation, Exotic and Movies. The themes are quite trendy, imaginative and appeal to popular culture making them widely interesting across all ages and cultures.

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