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Hazel Eason

Leftover Hippies Incense

I have been making incense for over 6 years, since my daughter was a baby and I got picky about products. Always an incense-enthusiast, I would often come up against the common problem of not knowing what kind of incense to buy; why do some smell so great and some just smell like smoke and give me a headache when both are supposedly the same scent? On a mission to find out, I delved into the world of incense and herbs, extensively researching the industry and process. What I discovered was very eye-opening and led me to the decision to create my own incense; there simply wasn’t anything on the market that was up to my standards! Using ancient traditional incense-making methods I began making my own line of whole-herb incense, from scratch, using just barks, leaves, herbs, and other parts of plants.

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