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Department of Biological Flow

The Department of Biological Flow is an ongoing experimental dialogue of research-creation between Sean Smith and Barbara Fornssler. The name is an homage to George Lucas’ 1971 film, THX 1138.

Spanning performance, installation, text, image, video, poetry, motion capture and event, our consideration of biological flow develops processes to engage themes of relation, surveillance, control, movement, hospitality and ethics. We are interested aesthetically in fragility, imagination, intermediality and tempo.

Everything more or less falls apart in the end.

* * *

Sean Smith is an artist and writer living in Toronto. He holds a doctorate from the European Graduate School of Media and Communications in Switzerland and has exhibited and performed internationally. Most recently, he was the inaugural Artist/Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Western Ontario’s Department of Visual Arts, where he hosted the solo exhibition D S NFORMAT ON: Threnody from the Vision Machine, 2001-2046 -- he currently teaches Wearable Art at OCAD University.

Barbara Fornssler is wary of biographical descriptions and takes the advice of Thomas Zummer on the matter: every bio-graphic statement is an image or representation. In this light, Barbara holds a Media and Communications PhD from the European Graduate School and is a writer based in Saskatoon. With a minor in dramatic studies, her most recent work questions motioning as performative intervention to explore the emergence of identity as an affective embodied practice.

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