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Dennis Drechsler

Tidewater Art Studio
wood carving instructor since 1992
numerous articles in carving magazines and in demand as an instructor of carving whales

Artist’s Bio
I was raised on the Saskatchewan prairie, in the small town of Kerrobert, where any pare time away from school was spent wandering the immediate
countryside and exploring whatever and wherever. We lived on the very
edge of town, so the prairie, the groves of trees and a love for
hunting rabbits kept me always busy.

After graduating high school I moved to Edmonton, Alberta to study Biological Sciences at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. But I ended up in a sales career until our retirement to Victoria BC in 1990. I discovered wildlife woodcarving as a hobby during the working years and when we retired it became a second career. In 2000 I placed first in Aquatic Vertebrates at the Ward World Carving Championship in Ocean City, Maryland.

My interest in carving was influenced by living next to the Ocean and after a whale-watching trip, I decided to try carving an Orca.
The challenge of creating my own patterns and trying to capture the shapes of Whales and Dolphins, soon got me hooked on carving nothing but marine
animals. It’s now gotten completely out of hand! I’m always in the basement working on a carving and the furniture always has a layer of sawdust. But it does keep us both occupied; me carving and my wife cleaning…

Courses Taught

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