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Cali Kan

Inspired by the beauty of the west coast, Cali Kan incorporates into her artwork the colors, shapes and patterns of the picturesque Vancouver area in which she was born and raised. Cali loves to create using many different mediums. Presently, she is focusing on painting on glass and ceramics using oven-bakeable glass paints. She has been playing with this medium for over 15 years. She loves how the colors dance on the glass and how the light shines through them or reflects off of them. She likes to use multiple shades of the same color in a continuous motion around the wineglass, experimenting with the effect light has on the colors and the shape of the glass.

Starting in January, Cali will be sharing her techniques in a relaxed, inspiring atmosphere at the beautiful 100 Braid St. Studios in New Westminster. These events and classes will cater to individual tastes and learning styles. The goal is to foster the creativity of the student and to share ideas.

Instagram: handpaintedbycalikan

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