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Broderick Wong

The Art of Broderick Wong

Having instructed live workshops has given me the opportunity to target and isolate very specific challenges about the painting process from a leaner’s point of view and then break them down into short laser-focused lessons.

My training/coaching background has allowed me to better understand the challenges a beginner would have and what I found was that these challenges are multi-layered and interrelated, making the learning curve that much steeper.

Through my watercolor workshops I peel away those layers and then simplify them into short focused sessions allowing you to learn only what you need to know at that time to get you to the next level. Succeeding lessons will have their own short focused sessions that gradually build on top of the previous.

To anyone out there who has tried learning on their own but need more guidance, to those who have tried their hand at it and need a new way of approaching their workflow, to those that don't even have any art background and are looking to try something new, I've been there and I got you covered.


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