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Aphrodite Blagojevic

Fine Arts Studio "Afrodita"
Master’s Degree, Fine Arts Academy/University of Fine Arts Belgrade
Fine Arts Teacher Degree Diploma, University of Novi Sad
University of Archaeology, University of Belgrade
Art Photography Certificate, Photography Association of Serbia
BC Film Industry Orientation Course Certificate, BC Institute of Film Professionals, Capilano College - University, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Study travels were integral and very important part of education to study great masters from all historical, artistic periods and styles: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and former Yugoslavia.

For more info: http://www.abfinearts.com/

Aphrodite Blagojevic has had an extensive career as a visual artist for the last 35 years. Her artwork has been exhibited and represented in museums as well as in prestigious galleries. She exhibits frequently; holding 14 solo exhibitions and more than 40 collective shows in nation-wide and internationally. Her artwork can be found in several permanent museum collections, corporate collections and in private collections all around the world.
From an early age, while growing up in the Balkan, in former Yugoslavia with Greek ancestry, Aphrodite was convinced that she would become an artist. She was artistically involved in many aspects such as playing piano and dancing classic ballet, yet creating visual artwork became her greatest passion. After seven years of traditional academic studies on Universities of Fine Arts, she acquired wide knowledge in all areas of Fine Arts.
Her artwork is a combination of a rich tradition and intellectual life on the Balkans and newly acquired experiences and knowledge in Diaspora. They are mutually intertwined and bring about uniqueness in her current work. Emotional states, analyses and critical thinking all have a significant influence on her work.
Art is her passion, love, faith, necessity, and inseparable part of her life. In order to communicate and express her thoughts, views, opinions, emotional states; in her own form of philosophy and poetry; Aphrodite utilises language of fine art. She often uses figurative forms to present symbols carrying cultural, ecological, social and political messages.
For painting, as well as for sculpture Aphrodite use different materials and techniques, some of which are traditional while others are new and unusual. As an artist, she feels the need to experiment and explore for new techniques. As part of her artistic voyage, this exploration is an essential part of her creativity.
At the beginning of her sculptural work, she exclusively used clay. Later on she developed pieces in bronze, stone, wood and in the most recent years she has gone beyond traditional methods; experimenting and innovating with unusual and non-traditional materials, such as recycling plastic, recycling metal, paper, cardboard, wood and recycling building materials has become Aphrodite’s main inspiration. The result is a contrast within the same piece of art: between the industrial and artificial character of plastic and the organic, natural and even subtle quality of the other materials.

In her creative work, Aphrodite emphasizes her emotions, thoughts and philosophy. An essential part of her creativity is to explore figurative interactions and to follow a sense of balance in a formal as well as in a conceptual aspect.

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