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Anita Nairne

Creative Awakening
Artist www.anitanairne.com
art teacher

Born and raised in Kelowna, B.C., I attended the Alberta College of Art, the Ontario College of Art as well as studied privately in Los Angeles. After extensive travel, my husband and I settled in Vancouver, B.C. with our son.

At sixteen our son was killed in a hiking accident. Prior to our son's death my painting dealt with realism but after I began to explore my intuitive side. My subject matter constantly varies; from life around me, to people and places from ages past. Each painting becomes a new experience as well as a surprise for me.

CREATIVE AWAKENING is my complimentary business. Adapting my techniques, I teach Intuitive Painting which allows the most inexperienced person to become an “artist” in a very short period of time. I teach small classes from my studio but also conduct workshops locally and internationally.

CREATIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE is an extension of the intuitive painting workshops with the emphasis on work-related benefits for corporations wishing to introduce the expansiveness of creativity into the workplace.

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