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Aline Beth Marshall

My serious work as an artist began with Leroy Jensen, a figurative painter who I met at the Free University, just off Commercial Street. It was 1971. Leroy Jensen was an astute, forthright and sincere painter, and he gave me a great foundation in the figurative subject. In the mid 80's I majored in three dimensional arts at Capilano College. I studied classical stone sculpture with David Marshall and worked with clay on the wheel.

I sculpted for the next 15 years in both stone and clay. As my first love is sculpture I approach pottery from that sensitivity. I love hand building for its versatility.

My new work, a series called ClayceWare, combines my enjoyment of fabric arts with a particular type of clay called Paperclay. Paperclay has a sculptability that lends itself nicely to pressing and imprinting. I use lace as an imprint material, color with blue underglaze, and finish with clear then fire to cone 04.

Pottery is an entire process. It's magical and tactile. I remember my first great sense of excitement when I was 12 years old, at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson. I remember being amazed to see a potter pulling a huge pot on a wheel. It had a great impact on me.

As a teacher I love people's responses they are always full of surprises. I love being able to give them a space to dive into whatever they feel like doing. What's going to happen today? It's always exciting. I see my role more as a facilitator -- to encourage them to grow in their abilities, and to know that they can take it further than just play.

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