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Art Diploma - Art Institute 1995
Graphic Art and Design Diploma - Burnaby College 1998
North Vancouver Arts Council - January 2015 to present

Tanisi! Born in Prince George, BC of Saskatchewan Metis/Cree heritage,
Adele has spent most of her life learning who she really is. Painting was always her preferred expression of her experiences.

Drawing and painting from the age of two, she defined her world first in pencil and finally in colour with acrylics and watercolours as she learned and grew. Many years were spent growing up within the Carrier/Sekani culture of North Western BC and now it is reflected in her images. Utilizing the West Coast standard forms of ovids, U and S shapes, she tries to integrate it with what comes natural to her, the soft flowing lines and suggestion of forms from her Cree style.

Kininaskometin (thank you),

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