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Passion for Pastels with Joan Larson

Instructor: Coast Collective Gallery & Classroom (Colwood BC)
Location(s): Victoria
Topic(s): Pastel Drawing
March 9, 2019 - March 10, 2019

Instructor: Joan Larson
“Passion for Pastels” – open to all skill levels.

In-depth discussions about the nature of pastels, safety considerations, different brands of pastels and papers.

Different types of under-painting techniques will also be discussed with demos if time permits.

Demos each day will cover a broad range of subject matter and spot demos will also be done as per students
request for specific subject matter.

Extensive course hand-outs.

Learn more about Joan Larson

Workshop entrance on Wale Rd
Parking beneath building

Supply List: 
  • SOFT PASTELS - With Joan Larson Class Supply List Soft pastels (bring as many as you have). Preferred professional brands are Rembrandt, Sennelier, Holbein, Unison. A good student brand is Mungyo (set of 48). Charcoal pencil and kneaded eraser Pastel Paper - preferably in a middle value neutral colour. Canson Mi- Teintes is an excellent non-sanded paper. La Carte and UArt are excellent sanded papers. Reference material (photos) for the paintings you want to work on *Tracing tissue (optional but a great tool to have) Tracing tissue is helpful for doing your preliminary drawings on as well as protecting your pastel painting from smudging during transportation. I buy it by the roll (usually an 18” roll) but it is also available in smaller pads. Drawing board Foamcor is lightweight, ridge, inexpensive and also has a nice smooth cushioned surface for working on. Folder for carrying your work – 2 pieces of foam cor taped together make an excellent folder and can double as your drawing board. Hand Towels for wiping your fingers and cleaning your pastels.
Registration Details: 

Phone The Coast Collective Gallery to sign up for this great session, register by March 2nd to get into this class
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