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Mixed Media Encaustics

Instructor: Angela Hansen
Location(s): Kelowna
Topic(s): Mixed/Other Media
July 25, 2018

This 6 hour workshop is for those who have experience with encaustic paint and would like to introduce other mediums into their works. Oil, chalk, and pan pastels, graphite powder, ink, photocopy transfers, oil paint and acrylic paint will be used in conjunction with a base of encaustic paint on wooden panels.
$150 Fee includes: clear encaustic medium, heat tools such as iron and stylus, heat guns, and torches.
Participants bring: pigmented encaustic paint, smooth wooden substrates such as cradled boards or wood panels, smaller than 9 x 12", (cradle boards will be available for purchase at the workshop), and any or all of the *following: oil, chalk, and pan pastels, graphite powder, india and alcohol ink, oil paint and acrylic paint and brushes. Photos or drawings you wish to use as transfers may also be brought.
*OPTIONAL $30 supply fee includes: pigmented encaustic paint, oil, chalk and pan pastels, graphite powder, ink, oil paint, and acrylic paint. (To be paid at workshop.)
This workshop is limited to 6 participants and will take place at the artist's studio in Lake Country.

Experience with basic encaustic painting and tools.
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