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FCA Workshop - Reference Sources with Liza Visagie

Instructor: Federation of Canadian Artists
Location(s): North Vancouver
Topic(s): Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Outdoor Painting, Photography
December 9, 2017 - December 10, 2017
Members $220 / Non-Members $270

One of the best ways to learn the complexities of painting is to watch someone paint. The subtleties of color mixing, loading the brush with just enough paint and the pressure and touch of the hand is clarified when watching others paint. The varied consistency of paint is best learnt this way.

During the two-day workshop Liza will start with a demonstration. Using one of her own photographs as a starting point. Our focus will be to translate and interpret photographs into the language of paint. Utilizing the photo as a tool and source of inspiration and not as a mere copying device, people will broaden their painting skills.

Students will have the opportunity to select their own subject matter while applying traditional oil painting techniques. Students will bring in a selection of master paintings to have on hand which has a similar feel to their selected photographs. This will be another tool to aid in moving away from simply copying a photo.

With the completion of two paintings, students will focus on paint application, color mixing, measurements and gain a personal understanding and confidence when choosing photography as a starting point. This will aid in the transition into working directly from life, whether it is landscape, still life or portraiture.

To learn more about Liza and her work, visit: http://lizavisagie.com/

No prerequisites required
Registration Details: 

To learn more and register, visit: https://artists.ca/courses/view/id/1952


Call 604.681.2744