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How to Use Opus Metal Exhibition Frames

Ruth from Opus' Inside Sales demonstrates the simplicity of assembling an Opus Exhibition Frame, using Chai Mats and a postcard.

Opus Metal Exhibition Frames are available online in shipping packs of 5, with the glass bundled together to prevent breakage. Opus Chai Mats are also available online with price breaks at a minimum quantity of 5.

This video uses captions only; there is no sound.


Hi Marja,

The recommended solution would to be buy black frames, but if that's not an option and you'd like to paint them, try to use a paint intended for painting on metal: the exhibition frames are made of aluminum. To avoid brush strokes, you could try spray paint.

This may not wear well, however. If the frames are just going to hang on the wall, there's no problem, but if they'll be moved around, you may have to do a lot of touch-ups when the paint chips.

We'd love to hear how it turns out, should you try painting them! Thanks for your question and good luck.