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Charcoal on a Large Scale with Vjeko Sager

Opus Art Supplies, in partnership with the Continuing Studies Department at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, presents instructing artist Vjeko Sager. Vjeko shares his love of charcoal (he confesses to being a "charcoal-holic") and demonstrates some of his large scale techniques.

Rethink the way you use charcoal.

Visit http://opusartsupplies.com/community/community-news/new-explorations-cha... for the accompanying article.


Having taken two courses using charcoal and pastels from Stan Hunc at Emily Carr, I can appreciate this video of the 'stretching' of artistic creativity using not only charcoal but also templates, rulers, various hands on techniques. It's rather like creating a 'mixed' media technique but only using charcoal.
The large art piece reminded me of Kandinsky's works, only in black and white.
It's certainly added some ideas to my own mixed media techniques.
Thank you for the video.