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Product Q&A

  • Any Way You Slice It

    Slicing, dicing, crafting, or carving: no matter what sort of cutting you are doing, a sharp, precision knife will help you achieve crisp, clean lines in your cuts! ...Read more

  • Surface Matters: NEW Premium-Quality Canvas at Opus!

    At Opus, we believe in providing you with the best possible surface, and we have found it in Fredrix Premium Canvas, a top‑of‑the‑line selection of surfaces for the professional artist.

    In the beginning stages of your creative process – the part before you even dip brush into paint – you are making important decisions. Maybe it’s a choice you’re making consciously, or perhaps you are selecting from what is available in the moment. In either case, a surface must be chosen before you are able to get started, and that surface can greatly influence the outcome of your painting....Read more

  • And We Have Lift Off!

    And We Have Lift Off! Bring your work to a whole new level by learning to lift watercolour!

    Reactivate! Along with their inherent transparency, a key property of watercolour paints is reactivation  – water can be applied to dry colour, dissolving the water-soluble binder, allowing you to lift the pigment from the paper. You can exploit this characteristic to add subtle highlights and even to restore an area almost completely back to the white of the paper....Read more

  • Creative Services at Opus

    Opus Creative Services: Custom DIY Picture Framing • Fine Art Digital Printing & Mounting • Custom Canvas, Panels,  & Stretcher Bar Frames

    Crafted to your specifications, Opus Creative Services provide you with optimal control over your artwork, whether you are looking for a painting surface made to your specifications, top-quality fine art digital reproductions of your work, or a custom-crafted picture frame.

    Click below to learn more about the services we offer at each of our stores....Read more

  • Chart Your Creativity!

    The sketchpad – redefined! We’re excited to announce the latest in pads and paper from the Chartpak family of brands.

    Designed by some of the most passionate papermakers in the industry, these pads offer outstanding papers for every media. The covers tell the story of what’s inside: red for drawing, blue for painting, purple for markers, and orange for technical papers. And look for extra features like the In & Out™ pages and InkBlock™ panels, too!...Read more

  • Watercolour Wishlist

    Watercolour Wishlist: Wet Media Favourites for the Outdoor Painter

    Are you ready to pack up your water media supplies and create outdoors? Browse our list of favourites for the outdoor watercolour artist:

    Opus Essential Watercolours...Read more

  • A Brush with Greatness

    A Brush with Greatness: Dip into the World of Watercolour Brushes

    Dip into the World of Watercolour Brushes

    While pigments and paints often get all the glory, the smooth washes and expressive marks in a watercolour work owe much of their success to the artist's trustiest of tools  –  the brush. This seemingly humble instrument holds the keys to a pleasurable painting experience and reliable results. Here are a few brush basics to help you find your perfect painting companion.

    Quality Materials = Quality Results

    Most watercolour brushes are made with natural hair, synthetic hair, or a blend. ...Read more

  • A Beginner's Journey to Hand Lettering