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Logging in to the Opus website

For historical reasons, the Opus Online Store runs on a separate software system than the rest of the Opus website.

The "Store Login"

On most pages of the website there is a grey "Shop Online" box situated near the top right-hand corner. In that area is a login link that will take you to the online store page where you an log in to shop (or where you can sign up for a store login).

You can also use your store login to subscribe (or resubscribe) to our email promotions and notifications.

Finally, if you have registered with us as an instructor, and you use our Workshops & Classes section, your store login may also be what you use to access your workshop/class information.

Art News Community Profile - the "Art News Login"

This month, as we begin the steady release of a new web design, we're also excited to be able to offer our customers some extended online abilities. These features reside in the second piece of software we use for our website. In order to take advantage of these extended features, you will need to register a second online profile with us, what we call an "Art News Community Profile" or "Art News Login".

It's fairly simple, and once completed, you'll be able to login and take immediate advantage of the added functionality, such as:

  • posting your own Art News
  • commenting on articles, opinion pieces, and other content
  • keeping track of the things you've posted and the discussions you've taken part in
  • adding information to your Art News Community Profile Page

Some Helpful Links

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