Help ecojot GIVE

March 26, 2011

In 2007, Mark Gavin, one of the founder’s and his sister, ecojot designer Carolyn Gavin, created green stationery that are printed and made in Canada. ecojot is more then an eco-friendly stationery company, we are committed to giving back one journal at a time.

ecojot started the GIVE program in 2010 using a simple premise: BUY 1, GIVE 1. With each purchase of a Journal, Jumbo Journal and all ecojot Sketchbooks, we will donate a school workbook or pencil to a child in need. We are committed to directly advocate children’s arts and literacy in developing countries. Many children cannot attend school because they lack basic school supplies, so ecojot works with partners on giving notebooks to children around the world.

When you buy one, we donate one to our partners in need. ecojot has distributed directly to schools and students via these foundations: Free the Children, the Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children, Ve’ahavta and many others.

In October 2010, Mark Gavin travelled to Kenya to help distribute school supplies as a part of Ve’ahavta Kinder kit’s program. Each Kinder kit includes enough supplies for one year of school. Mark says, “I felt it was important for me to go on this trip because I really wanted to understand the need, the culture, the day to day situation of how people go about their lives and the difficulties they have and how they are able to overcome them. It was also important that I immerse myself in the country, in the schools, speaking with the teachers, being with the kids in the classroom and really understanding what we are doing.” Because of our customers, ecojot was able to donate 7,000 notebooks to children in Kenya.

Carolyn Gavin visited Belize this past December 2010, where she visited the local school in Placencia Village. As part of our Buy 1, Give 1 program, she handed out workbooks to each child. She met with the principal, gave a brief talk about ecojot and who we were. They were so excited and some of them immediately began writing or creating something in their books. Carolyn said, “It was a pleasure to see, a happy day for these wonderful children and a proud moment for ecojot.”

As of February 2011, ecojot has given over 75,000 notebooks to children in need around the world.

We have worked with the Jane Goodall Institute and Canopy on creating limited edition ecojot designs. Designed by Carolyn Gavin, her goal is to create designs that are inspirational, fun, positive and promote environmental and social responsibilities. In November of 2010, ecojot received a bronze award in the Visual Communication – Brand and Identity design category from the Design Exchange, an internationally-recognized organization dedicated to promoting Canadian design.

ecojot is committed to building close relationships with our communities all over the world and aspires to raise the level of awareness of children in developing nations that lack basic school supplies. We are committed to working with our Retailers on elevating our give program.

ecojot founder Mark Gavin says, “Opus is one of our oldest and most loyal customers. We have been working with Opus for 8 years and we really appreciate the value that Opus adds to our business. The Opus team is genuine, friendly and they share ecojot values in being sustainable and earth-friendly. Above all they are a pleasure to work with and stand behind the ecojot brand.”

Our mission is to continue giving to children around the world, help us reach our goal of giving MORE!