Framing It Up For 2014

January 6, 2014

The right frame is the finishing touch to your artwork, complimenting both the art and the space where it will hang. Like other areas of design and décor, there are distinct trends in framing. Whether you’re preparing your art for a gallery or hanging personal memories in your living room, keeping up with the latest looks can enhance your image and make it the perfect addition to any space.

If you sell your art, you want to highlight your creation while appealing to a broad range of potential buyers. Minimalist, uncomplicated framing is ideal and right on trend. The sleek finish of a white frame with a matching white mat is a new favourite for many professional artists and photographers. This style allows the artwork to become the primary focus, as the framing seems to disappear against white walls. In a gallery setting, all you see is the art. When hung on a coloured accent wall in your home, this monochromatic frame grabs attention. Opus has a variety of custom and pre-cut frames and matboards to help you achieve this modern gallery look.

Change the effect of your white frame by adding depth and dimension with different moulding profiles. The Kyoto line, one of our custom framing options, has a varitey of profiles to fit your needs. A rounded profile offers a softer look than a square face; a slanted profile which slopes towards the artwork draws the eye inward to the image.

If you prefer the convenience of a readymade frame, Opus BOD frames in white are simple and contemporary, making them a popular choice for exhibition. While larger images may require a large moulding for strength, you don’t have to go small for more modest-sized works. Many artists are giving their smaller images more distinction by using wide mats and moulding. This can make your small image feel grandiose, giving it more presence in the gallery or at home.

Home décor trends are embracing livable and lived-in spaces with influences from Scandinavian design and Vancouver artist lofts. Mouldings with a prominent wood grain echo these comfortable yet stylish designs. The natural finish of wood is warmer than matte black, and still neutral enough for an exhibition or in the home. Try the new COHO metal moulding in wenge wood veneer paired with an off-white mat to complete the look.

Your walls can also be thought of as a personal gallery space to stylishly display the things that are important to you. Feature anything: your own artwork, certificates, a print you bought at the market, concert posters, and family vacation photos. Group your framed pieces to build a “gallery wall.” This is an effective way to display all of your memories and is a fast-growing trend in home décor.

Match frames for that exhibition look or frame each piece individually for a more eclectic display. Add colour and customize your frames easily with matboard. Use a double mat to add a pop of colour beside your image and finish with a neutral top mat. If subtle, this matting method can also be suitable for a work destined for sale.

By adopting these framing trends to present your art, you can create the perfect treasure for your home or office, or an effective exhibition piece. With custom, semi-custom and pre-cut options, Opus can help you to build a frame that will be stylish for 2014 and years to come.