Clear-coated sublimation surface:

Make the surface an integral part of your piece! The dyes, when infused into the clear-coated aluminum surface, will take on the metallic appearance of the panel, and colours will appear deeper than the original image. Provide your print with an impressive backdrop of shimmering brights, and a lively colour shift!

Sublimation printing on Clear-Aluminium Panels is available in 7 sizes from 8″ × 10″ to 20″ × 24″

White-coated sublimation surface:

The high-gloss finish of the white-coated surface provides an impressive backdrop that brings twinkling whites and a warm colour shift to your print. Both vividly coloured images and black and white photography yield impressive results with this option.
The tough and ultra-thin 1.14 mm aluminium panels look exceptional on display, with the included C-Bar hanging system offering a light-as-air floating presentation.

White-coated sublimation printing is available in 15 sizes from 8″ × 10″ to 30″ × 40″

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is a unique printing technique that allows images to be printed on non-traditional substrates like metal. Unlike a standard inkjet print on paper or canvas, sublimation uses a special range of dye-based inks that are heat set onto the white, polymer coating on the prepared aluminum sheet.


The transfer process and high heat changes the ink from solid to gas, infusing the porous polymer coating. When removed from the heat source and cooled, the dye particles revert to a solid, so they become a permanent part of the aluminum sheet, rather than sitting on the surface like a laminated a paper print or printing on top of the panel. This means that the ink can never be removed or washed out.

The Aluminum Sheet

The metal panels are created from post-consumer recycled aluminum, and the ink-receptive poly coating contains no volatile organic compounds, lead or heavy metals, and is cured using a low-energy process.

The Printed Image

The high-gloss finish of White-Coated Aluminium Print provides an impressive backdrop that brings twinkling whites and a warm colour shift to your print. Images tend to take on a warm colour shift as a result of the process that cannot be replicated on other media. The Clear-Coated Aluminium allows the metal surface to shine through, making the metallic surface an integral part of your print.

When the dye fuses with the polymer topcoat, it creates an extremely durable surface that is resistant to scratching, stains, moisture, and UV fade. This tough print can be confidently displayed without the need for a frame or protective glazing. Sublimation prints come with the C-Bar Hanging System installed to easily create a frameless display that floats from the wall, available in two profiles depths.

Please note that due to the nature of this product, a warm colour shift will occur with your image. While we work with a dedicated independent colour consultant, colour shift is characteristic when printing to the coated aluminum surface.

The coating on the panel is also subject to minor surface imperfections such as spots or bubbling. While we do our best to obscure these imperfections, they are inherent in the panel coating and may appear in your print.

Sublimation Prints vs. Facemount