Preparing for an Art Show with Lisa Figueroa

December 07, 2019


Saturday, December 7 10:00 – 11:30AM
Saturday, December 7 1:00 – 2:30PM

Join Lisa as she coaches on presenting for an art show! Presently, Lisa is preparing for a solo show at the Salmon Arm Public Art Gallery in the summer of 2020. She will share her experience of preparing a proposal to send to a gallery, the selection of a theme and artistic statement and then choosing painting ideas that back up the proposal. Also matching the paintings to the physical size of the gallery. The show Lisa is presently working towards in Salmon Arm is titled “Walking at 6000 Feet.” She will also bring in a selection of the paintings she has ready for the show and will demonstrate my painting style with Golden Acrylics and products.

About Lisa:

I have created and painted all my life. Creation is the number one factor of who I am and what I do. I love to see the world as brand new each day and feel wonder in the smallest or largest or most delicate of things. I look deeply at those parts of life that entertain me and I turn those aspects upside down and inside out and find how they tick and explore this magic in my work. There is wonder and enjoyment in this process of finding beauty and describing it to you through my mind and my heart and my hands.

Space is limited and registration is required.
Please visit Opus Kelowna or contact them at 250‑763‑3616 or toll free 1‑800‑814‑8885 to register.

December 07, 2019

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