Golden Water Media with Shari Pratt

November 02, 2019


Sunday, November 2 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Discover the wide range of GOLDEN paints that are fluid in motion: High Flow, Fluid Colors and QoR Watercolor! Beginning with traditional watercolour techniques, Shari will discuss pouring, staining, granulation, blooms, splash and “white-out” tricks for saving that uncooperative watercolour painting. She will also talk about QoR and GOLDEN grounds, and answer all your questions about High Flow and Fluid acrylic colours.

Shari Pratt is a mixed media GOLDEN working artist. She uses a fusion of nostalgic portraiture mixed with an aesthetic awareness of our complex identities. Inspired by the notion that companionship and sense of belonging are vital to human happiness, her work addresses themes of aloneness where she tries to find meaning and truth beneath the surface.

Space is limited and registration is required.
Please visit Opus Coquitlam or contact them at 604‑545‑0410 to register.

November 02, 2019

953 Brunette Avenue
Coquitlam, BC, V3K 1E1

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