When it comes to high quality printing, media matters

As artists, we understand the role media plays in our creative expression. Printing is no different. We have one of the most expansive selections of papers and printing substrates. So whether you’re reproducing artwork or photographs for display or for sale, or printing large panels or facemounts that can be mounted onto walls creating a modern appeal, you’ll find just what you need here at Opus.



No two print jobs are the same, that’s why we stock dozens of different types of photo paper. We scour the globe to find paper stocks proven to meet our quality standards at a variety of price point and aesthetic qualities.

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Digital printing is not just for photos. At Opus, we have the unique capacity to print on a range of canvas options.

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We offer a professional Opus Digital Print Mounting Service for your Opus digital prints, mounting your images onto Opus Aluminum Composite Panels (with optional float mount system), and Acid-Free Foamboard, or Facemounted with Clear Acrylic.

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Facemounting creates a permanent bond directly between the image and the back of the Plexi. With the image mounted behind the 3mm or 6mm Plexi, light refracts in such a way that makes the colour pop and provides an almost 3D effect, with the image appearing sharper than ever before. With gallery lighting, it may almost appear as if the piece is back-lit. This cannot be achieved with direct printing or glass in traditional frames.

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Sublimation is a unique printing technique that allows images to be printed on non-traditional substrates like metal. Unlike a standard inkjet print on paper or canvas, sublimation uses a special range of dye-based inks that are heat set onto the white or clear polymer coating onto the prepared aluminum sheet.

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