Custom Creativity

March 20, 2014

Find freedom in print! Alter your images to create expressive prints and unique displays with ease through digital editing and printing.

As carefully as you may plan and frame a shot, not every photo is best left at your camera’s 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, or printed to fit a standard size photo paper. Breaking out of these standards can be a valuable tool in creating a more dynamic image and a custom-sized print.

Removing distractions and unnecessary negative space, cropping your photograph to fill the frame with your subject matter, or balance your image can be very effective in refining your photo.

Don’t feel confined to maintain the original aspect ratio, instead find what works best for your image. Make a rectangular image square, or reduce the height of your landscape-oriented shot to create a panorama. Echo the subject matter with the shape of your image canvas.

A tall, slim aspect ratio will help to exaggerate the feeling of standing beneath an old tree, while a perfect square will help draw the focus on a close-up of a single leaf.

The original image (above) was cropped to bring more focus to the figure, and increase the drama and graphic stripes formed by the bridge.

Use your custom-sized images in a one-of-a-kind display. Size your prints to suit your room and turn large blank walls and small nooks into unique, personal galleries. Fitting your images in a space can create a stunning effect, and gives your décor that ‘custom touch’. Imagine a large panoramic print the exact length of your couch, or an oversized canvas above a bed in place of a headboard.

The same concept works with smaller, unexpected wall spaces like the backs of empty bookcases, between doors in the hallway, or on structural elements like pillars or posts. Try combining prints of various sizes in a single display and tell a story through a series of related images.

Crop and print your images to any size to best accentuate the image and the space it will hang, rather than to fit on a standard piece of paper. Experiment to see how you can express yourself outside of the confines of the typical 8×10. •

Feeling inspired to print your photos into hangable art? Utilize Opus’ Fine Art Digital Printing & Mounting Service to take your photos off the computer, and into the real world for all to enjoy!

Top Row: Photographs by Jackie Dives, 2013 (;
Bottom: Photograph by Dan Fleming, 2013.