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How To: Mounting a Digital Print onto a Cradled Panel

Brian from Opus shows us how to mount a digital print onto a wood cradled panel.

Materials you will need:
- Digital Print
- Wood Panel
- Roller
- Protective Spray
- Ruler
- White Glue
- Paint Brush
- Sand paper
- X-Acto Blade
- Pen/Pencil

Step 1: Lightly sand the panel removing all bumps and debris.

Step 2: Mark the back of your print creating a registration guide. Trim off the excess paper to make registration easier.

Step 3: Using your brush, apply white glue evenly over the surface.

Step 4: Position the glued panel on the back of the print. Once secure place a piece of clean paper on top and roll out the air bubbles.

Step 5: Once the glue has dried trim off the excess paper. After lightly sand the edges to create a clean and finished look.

Step 6: Finish it off with a protective spray, frame it and hang it.


Hello! It would really depend on the type of media you intend to use on the paper. For a glossy photo paper, you can use all sorts of acrylic paints mediums on top, or try collage, or markers. Thanks for your question, Judy!

Hello Peter,

Using acrylic medium is a good solution for both these print surfaces to be glued onto a cradled panel. You can also use Lineco Neutral pH Glue for both, or Yes! Paste for the paper.

Something to consider before attaching your print permanently to a wood cradled panel is Surface Induced Discolourations (SID). Wood that is sealed with only glue or acrylic medium may leach watersoluable compounds into the medium that could discolour the mounted print. Two coats of Golden GAC 100 before gluing is a good idea. This video from Golden illustrates both SID and how to avoid it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ORHTuYGO8U

The GAC can also be used to mount the paper or canvas to a cradled panel. Simply use it as you would any polymer glue. You could also stretch the canvas print onto a cradled panel prepared with GAC in a similar fashion as you would on stretcher bars.

All the best

Hi Kristin, thank you for your question.

It would be safer to apply 2 coats of GAC 100, allowing each coat to dry throughly before gluing anything on, even when using GAC 100 as your adhesive. This will create a solid barrier between the the acids and other water-soluble compounds in the wood and your print, preventing Support Induced Discolouration )SID).

This video from Golden illustrates the reasons why you would want to seal your panel prior to applying your artwork on top: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ORHTuYGO8U While they use white gesso and a clear polymer to show the effects of SID, the same principles apply to protecting your print.

I hope this helps!
All the best,